maum Chatbot Taking the first step toward a true Artificially Intelligent Contact Center
maum Chatbot answers questions more accurately and promptly than
any generic search engine can. Take the first step toward true AI
customer care with maum Chatbot, MINDs Lab's Artificial Intelligent


The smartest chatbot in
existence today
"I can answer any questions "
maum chatbot answers questions more
accurately and promptly than any search
engine because of its powerful QA features
that incorporate the latest AI Technologies
like Basic QA, TWE, Exo-brain, MRC, etc.
Proven powerful performance "Once you try maum chatbot, you will
experience its powerful AI
Experience smart maum Chatbot's features
full of MINDs Lab’s AI technology by chatting
with the chatbot or through a free sample
Simplified task automation "Experience evolutionary AI automation
through our platform."
maum chatbot saves the time needed to
answer a client’s simple inquiries from
customer service and delivers necessary
information with proper recommendation of
marketing. This automatic AI system is an
innovative way to improve and optimize your
business by integrating the technology of
maum Chatbot.
  • Kakao Talk
  • Facebook
  • Slack
Available with Social Network Service.
Kakaotalk, Facebook, Slack and etc.
in preparation
maum Chatbot
maum Chatbot is one of the best performing AI engines currently in the industry. Based on accurate natural language processing and strong performance of intention classification, it can identify contexts from conversation, understand users’ intentions, and use the information for business purposes.


가나다 Korean
10 Per Session
Installation Fee
Additional Training
ABC English
15 Per Session
Installation Fee
$ 2,000
Additional Training
$ 1,000
Fee Per Seat
Korean Speaking
English Speaking
Chinese Speaking

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