“Will I be able to introduce AI into my business?”

“How can I implement AI?”

“Do I have to develop AI technology myself?”

No need to worry.

The AI platform maum AI can solve it.

The best way to introduce artificial intelligence, maum AI

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Many companies have already succeeded in implementing AI together with maum AI.

AI success stories!
  • Air Service
    Incheon Airport logo

    Incheon Airport Control Center Messaging System

    Built with maum AI's communication visualization technology and text analysis technology.

    Incheon Airport success case01

    Real-time monitoring for aerial communication
    between controllers and pilots.

    Incheon Airport success case02

    Real-time aircraft safety monitoring
    for areas with radio interference.

  • Manufacturing
    POSCO logo

    Posco Smart Factory

    Real-time factory monitoring technology has
    improved the economic power of the manufacturing process

    POSCO success case

    Introducing AI Smart Factory for productivity and cost reduction

  • Finance
    hanabank logo

    Hana Bank HAI Banking For 5 years

    Established HAI banking, an AI bank service,
    that encompasses the latest AI technologies in language and vision.

    hanabank success case

    Building AI financial services that are
    different from overseas remittances to utility bill payments

  • Finance
    Hyundai Marine logo

    Hyundai Marine AI Voice Bot For 4 years

    Established an AI counsultation service
    that combines real-time STT technology and chatbot technology.

    Hyundai Marine success case

    AI voice bot's automated service satisfies both customers and consultant

  • Local Government
    Seoul Metropolitan City logo

    Seoul deep learning vehicle recognition

    Made with maum AI's vehicle recognition solution and video analysis system.

    Seoul Metropolitan City success case

    Reduced traffic volume of old diesel vehicles by 30 per cent.

  • Local Government
    Suwon City logo

    Abnormal Behaviour CCTV for Suwon City

    Introduced an AI abnormal behavior detection and analysis system.

    Suwon City success case

    Improve the city's safety and inspection rate through the AI abnormal behavior CCTV system.

  • Local Government
    Gyeongnam logo

    Mobile AI meeting minutes sytem in Gyeongsangnam-do provincial government

    High Capacity - High performance AI minutes system has been
    applied to wireless microphones that can be accessed through multiple connections.

    Gyeongnam success case

    Smart AI minutes to increase work efficiency

  • Local Governemt
    Ulsan Metropolitan City logo

    Ulsan City Ulju-gun Mobile On Device AI minutes system

    Implemented a highly portable conference equipment with a smart microphone.

    Ulsan Metropolitan City success case

    AI minutes that is easy to work with through real-time documentation

Solving the worries about how to implement artificial intelligence

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Many companies have already succeeded in introducing artificial intelligence through maum AI.

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