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API Monthly Usage Limit

Category Engine API Type Monthly Usage
Voice TTS Korean 4,000,000 characters
English 6,666,666 characters
STT Eng/Kor 5,000 minutes
Denoise - 50,000 minutes
Diarization - 5,000 minutes
Voice Filter - 25,000 minutes
Voice Recognition - 25,000 minutes
Vision Text Removal - 80,000 cases
TTI AI Styling 80,000 cases
OCR Document
80,000 cases
AI Vehicle Recognition Entity
80,000 cases
Enhanced Super
- 80,000 cases
Face Recognition - 80,000 cases
Image Pose
- 80,000 cases
Face Tracking - 50,000 seconds
Anomaly Detection - 50,000 seconds
Language Natural Language
Understanding (NLU)
Eng/Kor 20,000 units
Machine Reading
Comprehension (MRC)
Eng/Kor 200,000 cases
eXplainable Document
Classifier (XDC)
Eng/Kor 40,000 cases
Generative Pre-Training (GPT-2) Eng/Kor 100,000 cases
Hierarchical Multiple
Dictionary (HMD)
Eng/Kor 400,000 cases
Analysis Correlation Analysis - 200,000 cases
Conversation NQA Bot Korean 40,000 cases
Ready Made Bots Weather Bot(Korean) 20,000 cases
Wiki Bot
20,000 cases
STT for Eng. Education English 4,000 minutes
Pronounciation Scoring (APS)
English 20,000 cases
Phonics Assessment English 20,000 cases
English Korean

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